§ 22. Officials not to be interested in contracts.  

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  • Neither the chief executive nor any member of the commission or other county officer empowered to use public or county funds for the purchase of goods, property, or services of any kind for public or county purposes shall be financially interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract to which the county is a party, either as principal, surety or otherwise; nor shall such officer, his partner, agent, servant, or employee of a firm of which he is a member or by whom he is employed purchase from or sell to the county any real or personal property, goods or services. Any contract made in violation of any of the foregoing provisions shall be void, and the officer so offending shall be removed from office upon proper proceedings instituted by any taxpayer in said county in accordance with the provisions of section 23-1714 of the Code of Georgia of 1933 [O.C.G.A. § 36-1-14]. Provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not be applicable to any contract which has been approved, prior to execution, performance and payment thereon, by a majority of the commission by a proper entry on the minutes of the commission.