§ 16. Comprehensive development plan.  

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  • (a)

    The chief executive shall from time to time present to the commission a comprehensive development plan which shall:


    Consider the economic and social aspects of the county;


    Set forth the comprehensive development goals, policies and objectives of the county, its specific geographic areas, communities and neighborhoods and the citizens thereof; and


    In conformity with such development goals, policies and objectives, identify parks, recreation facilities, sites for public buildings and structures, utilities, transportation systems and facilities, housing, community facilities, manufacturing and industrial sites, future land use for all classifications and such other elements, features and policies as will promote the improvement of the county.


    In preparing or revising the comprehensive development plan, the chief executive shall seek the views and opinions of citizens of the county and shall establish and publicize formal procedures to obtain such views and opinions.

(Acts 1981, p. 4304, § 1)