§ 14. Executive assistant; administrators.  

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  • (a)

    Subject to the qualifications for said office as hereinafter provided in this section, the chief executive shall nominate, and the commission shall confirm, an executive assistant. The executive assistant shall be the chief administrative aide to the chief executive and the commission and shall be responsible to the chief executive and the commission for the proper administration of the affairs of the county.


    When directed to do so by the chief executive, the executive assistant may exercise any of the administrative duties and powers vested in the chief executive by law or ordinances, rules, and regulations adopted by the commission.


    The executive assistant shall hold a college degree in public administration, political science, urban affairs, business administration, engineering, or a related field and must have at least five (5) years of experience in a supervisory capacity as an employee, director, administrator, or manager of a city or county government or a state or federal agency or equivalent experience in the private sector or any combination thereof.


    No person shall be appointed or hold office as executive assistant to the chief executive if such person, within two (2) years immediately preceding appointment, has:


    Been a candidate for elective public office;


    Been the holder of elective public office; or


    Held a management position in the political campaign of any candidate for the office of chief executive, or any member of the board of commissioners of DeKalb County.


    After appointment, the executive assistant shall not take part in the management of any political campaign for any elective public office or hold office in any political party or body. If the executive assistant participates in political activities in violation of this subsection, such participation, by operation of law, shall result in the immediate discharge of the executive assistant, and the office of executive assistant shall be vacant.


    The chief executive shall also have exclusive power to appoint, remove from office and, within budgetary limitations, fix the compensation of two (2) administrators to assist the executive assistant in such manner as the chief executive shall direct.

(Acts 1981, p. 4304, § 1; Acts 1983, p. 4547, § 4)