§ 11. Presiding officer.  

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  • (a)

    The chief executive shall have no vote at any regular or specially called meeting of the commission unless the members of the commission are equally divided. Even when the members of the commission are equally divided, the chief executive may not vote on a matter which is not subject to veto by said officer under the provisions of subsection (d) of section 15 of this Act.


    At the first regular meeting in January of each year, the commission shall elect from its membership a presiding officer and a deputy presiding officer. The member serving as presiding officer or deputy presiding officer shall retain all rights, powers and duties as a member of the commission.


    The presiding officer shall preside at meetings of the commission and shall have the following additional duties:


    To convene such special meetings of the commission as are deemed necessary, but all members shall be notified at least three (3) days in advance of any such special meeting;


    To appoint the members and chairpersons of such committees of the commission as the commission, by its rules, may establish and fill vacancies therein, but any such appointments may be rejected by a majority vote of the total membership of the commission;


    To compel the attendance of members at meetings of the commission by subpoena, if necessary, subject to the policy of the commission as established by its rules; and


    To exercise such other powers and duties as may be assigned to the presiding officer by ordinance or rules and regulations of the commission.


    In the event the office of the member serving as presiding officer becomes vacant for any reason, or in the event the presiding officer is absent for any reason, or in the event the presiding officer exercises the powers of the chief executive pursuant to subsections (b) or (c) of section 6 of this act, then the deputy presiding officer shall exercise the powers and duties of the presiding officer during the absence of the presiding officer or until a successor presiding officer is elected by the commission at the first regular meeting held during the next succeeding January.

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