§ 2-203. De-certification, denial and appeal procedure for a LSBE  

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  • (a) The deputy director, contract compliance or designee may decertify a LSBE that repeatedly fails to honor quotations provided to the county and prime contractors in good faith, or otherwise fails to comply with the LSBE program requirements and the provisions of this article.

    (b) An applicant business that has been denied certification or re-certification or been de-certified may protest the denial or de-certification as follows:

    (1) Within fifteen (15) days of receipt of denial of certification or re-certification, or notice of intent to decertify, the firm may protest such action in writing to the deputy director, contract compliance, or designee.

    (2) A meeting shall be scheduled with the applicant business, the deputy director, contract compliance, or designee, and the assistant director, purchasing and contracting, or designee, at which time the business may present additional facts and evidence in support of its eligibility. The deputy director, contract compliance, or designee may request the attendance of any witness and production of any documents concerning the applicant business's affairs. The applicant business' failure to comply within ten (10) days of these requests may be grounds for denial of the appeal.

    (3) The assistant director, purchasing and contracting shall determine the applicant business' eligibility on the basis of the information provided at the meeting and make a recommendation to the director, purchasing and contracting, whose final written decision shall be communicated to the business within ten (10) days of the meeting.

    (4) A business denied or found to be ineligible may not apply for certification for one (1) year after the effective date of the final decision issued by the director, purchasing and contracting.

(Ord. No. 06-25, Pt. I, 11-28-06)